About Our Courses


Our training courses are a hands on, fun and affordable way to learn new technology. We offer the largest number of training courses for Apple Mac and Windows platforms in New Zealand. Most courses are 6 hours duration with up to 3 skill levels of 6 hours each level (18 hours). But you can, if you wish, split them up and take them as follows:

  • a 2 hour session (take 3 x 2 hr sessions to complete a level)
  • a 3 hr half day session (take 2 x 3 hr sessions to complete a level)
  • or the complete 6 hour level in one day

Whether you want 2 hours training on specific topics or a whole 6 hour day of intense in-depth customised tuition, we are highly flexible in structuring customised computer training programmes. We cater for the specific training and skill development needs of our clients, their staff or students.

Design your Own Course:
Choose from any of the topics to design your own custom training session to suit your skill levels. You can even cherry pick and mix programs to get the right training for you.

Plus you also get:

  • a comprehensive training manual
  • on-going email support

Our aim is to provide friendly, patient and supportive personal computer training, coaching and assistance. Our learning methods, combined with experienced instruction, results in high quality training for our clients. Classes are aligned to specific skill levels, allowing attendees to receive personal attention and assistance.

Cancellation or No Show Policy:
If your training is cancelled at short notice or there is a no show, this prevents us from booking that session time to another client and thus incurs loss of income. Therefore any training cancelled with less than 48 hrs notice prior to the session time, will incur an invoice for full payment of the course. Cancellations should be made by contacting us here.